Why some of us are running for our lives

I wrote a new post over on my fitness blog. It’s about being middle-aged and talentless when it comes to sport. And why it doesn’t matter because it’s more about survival: read it now

Hard Rain

I wrote this after getting caught in heavy rain for 7 miles while out on training session.
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Explosive Cyclogenisis

Storm Doris hit the UK today and was classified as a weather bomb. Or, as the Met Office call it, a explosive cyclogenesis.

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How to give up smoking

It is possible to give up smoking. And it is possible to get healthy again. You just need to know how to avoid the bullshit.

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Developers are strange

I’ve spent many years writing code. And it’s made me realise that developers are a strange bunch. As reflected in this poem.

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The runners curse

I’ve written this poem because it sums up where my running is at the moment.

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Why specificity in your training matters

To improve your running you have to run. Cross training is a nice theory, but running long distances requires lots of time on your feet.

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How to code with Einstein

Learning to code with Einstein is a good way to clarify what your web build needs. How do you code with Einstein? Interpret some of his quotes, like this.

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For all the pain and suffering

This little poem uses the strict Triolet form. I thought it was ideal to get a simple message across about being a runner. Continue reading

Fast running: why pace is relative

Fast running is what most runners aim to do. But few of them will run the kind of events that appeal to me. And they will all have runners that are faster than them.

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