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Run as far as you like, you won’t lose weight

According to some reports, running to lose weight may not be the recipe for success you thought it was. Here’s why…

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The Lake District 2017

I’m not a photographer but I did manage to grab some half decent photos of our recent trip to the English Lakes. Here’s a selection.

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Running and sleeping: an essential combination

There’s lots of advice for runners about sleep. It aids recovery being the most repeated. But there’s something else about sleep too.

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Why coding for a living makes you fat

Writing code for a living can make you fat. But it doesn’t have to be writing code. Anyone who sits behind a computer all day is likely to be suffering from sitting disease.

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How to win at content creation

Content creation is a generic term. It covers creating content for almost anything. But it can give you nightmares worrying about getting it "just right". The best advice is for writers to go and live a little, (or a lot), then there will be something to write about.

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From code to copy and back again

There is some commonality between writing code and ordinary writing. Here’s some of the common ground.

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The journey from lard arse to runner

I was a fat git in 2013. Now, I’m a slightly less fat git. Running has been fixing the problem, here’s how.

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Using traits in Laravel

Traits in PHP are a way to reuse code. And that means you can use traits with the Laravel framework. This is not a tutorial as such, more a description of how I used traits to solve a problem.

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