Content creation is a generic term. It covers creating content for almost anything. But it can give you nightmares worrying about getting it "just right". The best advice is for writers to go and live a little, (or a lot), then there will be something to write about.

Content creation is hard. Well, it is if you take the responsibility seriously. And that means creating content that is interesting for your reader.

Most types of content creation involves writing. Like this post for example.

All to often the idea arrives, from an unexpected part of your subconscious. So you begin writing it down, and then the thread of the idea loses it's shine.

So you read back what you have, and it sounds a bit rubbish. So you give up, and go and stare at a blank wall for a while. Clawing through the sludge to find that original spark of creativity.

Journalists don’t write what they think doesn't – because it doesn’t count. They produce copy that tells a story from other people's point of view. That's a good habit to fall into for ordinary mortals too.

Inspiration comes in bursts. Usually bursts of unsynchronised randomness. The skill of the writer is to use that randomness. And transform it into something interesting using 26 letters.

Er, if only it were that easy.

News reports, and features hang from a peg. Thats means an angle, a thread of interest. That applies to a lot of other writing too, including blog posts. What that peg is, will depend on what you're trying to get across.

So, to get the creative machinery running, I wouldn't go as far as suggesting you try chainsaw juggling. Or hang gliding in your underwear. Reading a book is good though, or going somewhere you've never been before. How about trying something new?

Then there is quote:

"For certain, you have to be lost to find a place as can't be found. Elseways, everyone would know where it was…"

(Captain Barbossa – played by Geoffrey Rush in Pirates of the Caribbean – At Worlds End)

You might not like the movies. But if you are in the business of creating content, you won’t miss the point I’m making.

Content creation is made easier when stuff happens. Gain an experience, tell the story of that experience. It works. Give it a try.