Switching from an iPhone to a Pixel

I’ve had an iPhone for almost as long as their have been iPhones. I’ve just switched to a Google Pixel phone. Here’s how I’ve got on.

It wasn’t a decision I took lightly. Leaving the iOS ecosystem seemed like a bad idea because I’ve been in it for ages.

That means all my apps and data are managed via the app store and iCloud.

Moving all your stuff

If you are considering a Google Pixel phone, consider this: smart phones are all alike. I transferred all my stuff from my iPhone to my Pixel in a matter of moments. Just by using the lead and adapter supplied.

Now I store all my stuff in Google Drive and the Play Store. Are you seeing a theme here?

There was no panic over contacts going missing. My music was easy to transfer to the Play Store. Likewise moving photos into Google Photos was easy.

Google Pixel phone
Google Pixel phone

The whole process was done and dusted on the same day I made the switch.

What about the apps?

It’s true that you may need to purchase some apps. I think I spent about £20 finding and installing apps to match what I had on iOS.

The essentials like contacts, photos, music and your MS Office subscription all move over to their respective apps seamlessly. And without any extra cost.

How does the Pixel compare to an iPhone?

Here are some things I already love about my Pixel:

  1. It is fast. My iPhone 6 was starting to feel quite slow at times. The Pixel tears along rapidly.
  2. The Pixel charges quickly. Much quicker than an iPhone.
  3. The camera is amazing.
  4. Android 7.1 has a nice slick feel to it.

Things I miss about my iPhone? Er, nothing to be honest.

In fact, I think I would miss the Pixel if I switched back to an iPhone now.

So everything is fine?

Yes, really. I did worry about not using Apple Music/iTunes. But Google Play is fine and costs the same. And I listen to music a lot.

I’m writing this post using my Pixel, just as I would have with my IPhone 6.

I use Strava to track my runs and bike rides. No problems to report there either.

No, but things are really fine?

Ok, I have struggled with some of the iCloud integration between my Mac and iOS no longer being there.

I can integrate with Google Drive, but it’s not quite the same. There aren’t as many apps that integrate either.

I suspect some of that might just be a matter of getting used to what’s possible.

If you are thinking of switching from an iPhone to a Google Pixel, I can tell you it’ll be fine. The transfer of data etc. is mostly seamless and using the Pixel is great.

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